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I’m Tommy, and I’ve been writing professionally about television, film and literature for the last several years. I’m a regular contributor to STARBURST magazine, and I recently completed studying screenwriting with the New York Film Academy.

My TV interests are super varied, so I created CreekBeat as a space to talk about all my favourite shows, binges, books & reviews on one single platform. I hope you enjoy it!

What Do I Get?

I want to earn your subscription, so for the rest of 2021 all CreekBeat content is totally free. Subscription options may be added after CreekBeat’s first birthday, but don’t worry, the core recaps will always be free & we’ll keep our archive online for you to access whenever you like.

Each month you will receive:

  • Between 2 and 4 recaps of our current nostalgic re-watch (right now it’s Dawson’s Creek), including a full episode commentary, fictional alternate ending and some GIF-worthy hot takes.

  • Between 2 and 4 CreekBeat Clubhouse recommendations; what’s interesting in the world of books, podcasts, film and television. Sometimes these will be included in the recaps, or be featured as a standalone essay.  

  • Up to 2 BONUS RECAPS or OP ED’s on whatever show or issue is trending RN.

  • Personal essay, on writing, life and learning how it all works.

I’d really like to hear your feedback, so please either leave me a note in the comment section, or come and hi through Insta @CreekBeat or @instommyagram, or via Twitter @itsTommyJames.

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Thanks for reading :)

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